Drive Increased Consumption + Reduce Churn with Proactive Customer Success Services

Removing Roadblocks + Uncovering Broader Use Cases

The Cloud has changed the definition of customer success from transaction to value, making big yearly contracts nearly obsolete. If your customers don’t see ongoing value in your Cloud solution or their relationship with your company, it’s easy for them to walk away…by either decreasing their use of your solution or switching to a competitor.

N3 understood our goals and provided a unique approach to meeting them. Not only did they drive new customers and increase Cloud product consumption, but they also helped move our prospects more quickly to closed revenue.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Multinational Technology Company

From “Concept” to “Consuming”

Most customers are still either in the experimental stage or have completed only an initial Cloud migration of non-critical workloads. That leaves the lion’s share of the Cloud’s business value—and your recurring revenue—on the table.

The best way to create value with your Cloud customers is to get them productively consuming in the first place. Enabling new Cloud customers to find that first workload is often the key to mutual success.

The Critical Role of the N3 Certified Cloud Technical Architect

At N3, we take a proactive, data-driven approach to:

  • Understanding your customers’ current Cloud usage
  • Optimizing initial conceptual workloads
  • Uncovering broader business use cases for faster growth

Our certified Cloud Technical Architects help get your Cloud customers started, moving them from initial evaluation or proof of concept projects to ongoing commitment. As we consistently unlock the most business value in Cloud technology, new customers become active, loyal partners who grow with you as your Cloud portfolio evolves.

A Measurable Difference in Customer Success + Recurring Revenue

N3’s proven process ensures the customer’s needs are met and real Cloud revenue results are achieved. The spirit of the new definition of customer success is realized through Cloud revenue growth, increased Cloud workloads or deployments, and higher customer retention based on measurable value.