Elevate Tele-Sales with Tech-Enabled Pipeline Management

Performance-Based Programs + Pipeline-Ready Opportunities

With N3, tele-sales opportunities are efficiently managed and developed into qualified, pipeline-ready opportunities that move beyond BANT to satisfy an established set of criteria for our partners.

Whether your goal is identifying a specific project with a clear investment budget and timeline or driving to a virtual demo, N3’s Pipeline Management services align to drive success. Along with reaching agreed milestones, N3 ensures we transition the opportunity when it makes sense for both the prospective buyer and your sales organization, who will own it for the remainder of the sales process.

What you will receive from N3 is a commitment to multiple target resolutions and truly qualified leads. They also send you detailed reports that review the number of calls and contacts made, leads that are being qualified, and nurture prospects. I would recommend N3 as a tele-sales partner.

Partner Sales Executive, Multinational Technology Company

Our best-in-class services encompass both new customers and fresh opportunities with existing customers, such as:

  • Onboarding
  • Provisioning
  • Cross-selling
  • Up-selling

A Global Platform

Our Pipeline Management services accelerate your sales process with an innovative tech-enabled platform and a global team of expert sales professionals. With more than 10 years of experience across industries, N3’s global platform can adapt for large-scale or geo-specific deployment in any region or market.

Best-in-Class Sales Framework

A truly best-in-class tele-sales program combines the right mix of expertise, proven sales processes, and technology to deliver sales-ready opportunities. Leveraging predictive analytics and marketing automation, N3 scores and prioritizes opportunities before they are sent to Inside Sales to close. N3’s expert sales team then engages and completes the discovery process to effectively identify the use cases and need states aligned to your solutions.

We continuously update and improve the scoring models based on conversation-driven opportunity disposition through data-driven by predictive modeling that learns and becomes more accurate.

Pipeline Management, powered by N3, advances your sales process by maximizing the retention and progression of prospective buyers. The result: an optimized mix of quality and quantity of pipeline opportunities, for successful revenue impact.