Drive Intelligent Conversations with Prospects + Clients

Powering Intelligent Dialogue

In today’s fast-paced world, customers and prospects expect you to understand their needs and provide solutions at the speed of light. But many companies are slowed down by disparate data sets and limited access to value insights.

N3’s proprietary Market Intelligence Assistant, Mia, is an always-on AI and machine learning platform that aggregates insights and delivers the most important, contextually relevant insights to the Sales or Customer Success Advisor during an active conversation.

We spent years consolidating our data, but it was the AI capabilities of N3 that made it actionable for sales agents to drive each customer toward the next best action in real time for revenue growth.


Driving relevance + revenue in real time

When customers or prospects are engaged, it’s critical to ensure the conversation you’re having with them is relevant and timely. Mia provides our Advisors with immediate insights into the company’s firmographics, their needs, and their propensity to purchase. With this data, Advisors have better informed conversations that are truly valuable to the customer.

Always-on + Actively Learning

Mia aggregates data from disparate systems and uses AI + machine learning to gather insights and recognize when something is relevant to the conversation in real time. With every customer or prospect action or conversation, Mia is listening and creating rich profiles on the company, the person and emerging needs – connecting the dots for the Advisor and identifying intent signals.

Accelerating Sales with Intelligent Dialogue

Mia automatically prioritizes and routes opportunities to the right Advisor and dynamically delivers the right questions to ask or messages to ensure the dialogue is intelligent and relevant. Armed with the right information, at the right time, N3’s Advisors accelerate the sales process, increase consumption and expand cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

The end results: Happy Customers + Higher Revenue.