Drive Speed-to-Market, Efficiency + Sales Performance

Proven Processes to Ensure Sales Process Impact + Efficiency

Executing high-performing, complex sales and marketing initiatives demands more than purchasing a CRM system. You need proven, repeatable processes partnered with strong training and ongoing performance management oversight.

N3 has established a proprietary, scalable Program Management Office (PMO) approach to manage programs of all strategies and size to significant and repeatable success. The PMO integrates and centralizes sales execution support, ensures quality and consistency, and enables global scalability and growth.

Our Marketing, Sales, and Partner Alliances teams worked together to leverage N3’s best practices for our go-to-market disruption. As we talked about our challenges, N3 brought a wealth of experience and Partner expertise.

VP of Marketing Operations, Business Intelligence Company

Sales Excellence™ Methodology

Excellent processes achieve excellent results. This mantra serves as the foundation for our PMO. N3’s Sales Excellence™ methodology drives our sales and marketing team design, deployment and continuous performance optimization.

Excellent processes achieve excellent results – that’s the foundation for N3’s Sales Excellence™ approach.

Through proven, standardized processes and program management structures, N3 drives rapid speed to market.  By leveraging our Sales Excellence™ approach, we ensure consistency, quality, and compliance – and ultimately results.

A Blueprint for Rapid Program Deployment

Successful hiring, onboarding, and training are critical elements to ensure a rapid program launch and speedy returns on your investment. N3’s PMO approach provides a consistent methodology to ensure a seamless integration of our sales and marketing teams into your revenue engine.

Continuous Measurement, Analysis + Feedback

Successful revenue generation breeds from continuous program assessment and adjustment. At N3, we’ve established a propriety rhythm of measurement, reporting, and analysis.

Through this process, we provide you not only program performance reporting, but also an understanding of message effectiveness and deep voice-of-the-customer insights.

We leverage this intelligence to optimize your program performance and help you adjust your go-to-market strategies.

Technology Expertise

N3 has in-depth experience evaluating and integrating systems across N3 and our customer environments. With deep knowledge of CRM, marketing automation, predictive analytics, AI, and reach optimization platforms, N3 ensures best-in-class integration of technology into the sales process to address data management, routing, and reconciliation for all our programs.