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Proven Expertise in Speeding Sales Velocity + Business Value Creation

As the private equity market has boomed over the last few years, it has also matured. More sophisticated, technology-enabled methodology is needed to grow portfolio companies quickly in a persistently volatile environment, flush with competitive capital.

N3 has extensive experience working with private equity and venture capital firms – and the companies they fund – to optimize sales process, team resources, and technologies to achieve ROI within weeks and drive tens of millions of dollars in new opportunities within months.

Longer hold times, coupled with a tremendous amount of dry powder, have created a highly competitive environment for private equity (PE) investors. PE firms must pursue new value creation strategies on every asset to reach the full potential of the deal.


Rapid Strategic Assessment

At N3, we believe in the best laid plans, and ours succeed. We work efficiently with our private equity and venture capital clients to uncover gaps in portfolio company performance from customer, prospect, and Partner perspectives. We then execute hands-on solutions aligned to aggressive sales objectives.

Special challenges come with mergers and acquisitions, and N3 is well acquainted with them. We evaluate disparate sales processes and uneven sales skills and ensure the right approach and team is in place, pre-acquisition and during due diligence.

Technology-Enabled, Integrated Sales + Marketing

As a pay-for-performance company with a successful 14+-year history, N3 leverages a scalable, technology-enabled sales framework with integrated digital marketing, inside sales, and custom analytics.

Our coverage is global, with embedded sales and marketing resources worldwide who deliver net new and recurring revenue in 25+ native languages across 80+ countries and 12+ offices. We regularly ramp up global sales teams of 50-60 in five to six weeks.

A Dedicated Relationship Officer maintains focus on continuously surfacing new opportunities to increase portfolio company sales velocity, business value, and revenue streams.

Private market firms have begun looking to operational efficiency in general—and digital levers in particular—as a relatively untapped means of maintaining profitable growth. —McKinsey

Effective Execution + Earned Performance Credit

N3 uses AI and proprietary analytics to test customer sales motions and identify the operational changes that create the most value. Extensive data capture also informs our evaluation, integration, and optimization of your go-to-market strategy.

Our modern, gold standard demand centers leverage always-on capabilities, such as automated scoring and recommendation engines, for higher conversion. We can scale up or down quickly in every market, making real-time adjustments to generate greater qualified opportunities.

Our signature mix of people, process, and programs consistently achieves real revenue results such as:


increase in revenue


higher deal size


increase in customer retention

To maximize customer success, N3 invests heavily in our private equity clients. We offer earned performances credits, based on total annual incremental spend and credited back to portfolio companies quarterly.

The more you invest in our leading outsourced sales and marketing solutions, the more we invest in your portfolio companies. Leverage N3’s unmatched modern sales expertise to turn your capital into rapid – and sustainable – performance improvement and revenue growth.

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