Elevate Through-Partner Sales Results

End-to-End Partner Development Services to Drive Through-Partner Revenue

For enterprise companies, the impact of a thriving sales partnership is vital. When your Partners are successful in their role as a reseller and customer advisor, your organization enjoys the near-term benefit of higher revenue. Additionally, a high-performing partner ecosystem delivers greater retention and long-term revenue for your firm.

Working together with N3, our channel marketing program was able to drive better than expected leads for our Partners and over 12X return on marketing spend. Their commitment to our Partner’s satisfaction and efficient use of resources has us coming back again and again.

Director of Channel Development, Microsoft

N3 understands how to manage large-scale corporate-funded partner initiatives. We take a PMO approach to Through-Partner Sales, ensuring consistency of strategy and outcomes.

Across many industries Partners are required to expand their role and conduct sales activities to increase demand. N3 delivers experience-based insights to support your Partners’ efforts and enrich your Through-Partner Sales program:

  • Guidance with managing Market Development Funds (MDF)
  • Developing Partner resources
  • Identifying appropriate partners

Through a market opportunity assessment and consultative engagement with you, N3 identifies characteristics of potential successful partners and avoids onboarding non-committed Partners.

Leverage the Ecosystem for Revenue Generation

The historical challenge for Through-Partner initiatives has been combining Partner-specific support focused on their unique business needs and centralized execution of cross-Partner programs to maximize consistency and impact.

N3 focuses Partner programs on generating sales and marketing revenue results by:

  • Assessing Partner capabilities and guiding Partners to programs that align to their needs
  • Developing effective sales and marketing strategies and messaging that deliver the Partners’ value prop – and yours.
  • Tracking pipeline created by onboarded Partners
  • Enabling Partners with a marketing and tele-sales engine to accelerate sales cycles and drive ROI for you

We are extremely impressed with N3 and the results they generated from the campaign. The campaign demonstrates the power of working with Partners, and N3 is the company to enable just that.

Channel Partner, Nortel

End-to-End Partner Enablement

With extensive experience working with Partners of all segments and sizes, N3 understands what your Partners need and how to support them with varying levels of digital and tele-sales resources like:

  • Target list development
  • Nurture campaigns
  • Inside Sales motions
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Readiness workshops
  • Datasheets
  • Webcasts
  • Social media promotions
  • Co-branded data sheets
  • Customer success stories
  • Press releases
  • Case studies

Through-Partner Sales delivers an end-to-end integration of concierge-level support for individual Partners. Combining this with consistent development and execution services ensures the optimal balance of customization for Partner-specific objectives, while maintaining single-source execution resources.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

N3’s approach provides opportunities for greater customization to accommodate Partners of different sizes and requirements, avoiding “one size fits all” templates. Partners can tailor our sales and marketing services to fit their needs. This strengthens the ecosystem, fosters greater loyalty, and drives them to contribute measurable revenue impact.

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