N3 Opens Office in Charleston, WV; Adds Decorated Military Commander to Leadership Team

Global Technology Services Firm Plans for ~300 New Jobs to Better Serve Expanding Customer Base

ATLANTA, GA (Aug. 28, 2017) – N3, a technology enabled sales and marketing execution firm, announced today it is opening a new office in Charleston, West Virginia. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held with N3 CEO Jeff Laue and U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to celebrate the office opening and the creation of approximately 300 new jobs. A host of state and local leadership, including county commissioners, were also present at the ceremony.

“N3 embodies many of the core values we as West Virginians hold dear, including common sense, fairness, and hard work,” said Manchin. “I’m committed to ensuring our residents have good paying, high-quality jobs with opportunities for career growth. With the addition of companies like N3, West Virginians can take part in keeping our economy competitive and strong by supporting technology innovation on a global level.”

N3 will work diligently to positively impact the community at the state and local level through job creation and community service.

– Jeff Laue, CEO, N3

N3 also announced the appointment of Kenneth Boggs, a seasoned operations and team development executive, to lead the new office. Ken joins N3 from OrbitalATK, an aerospace and defense company, where he coordinated sales and marketing strategies, as well as led overall program management. Serving in the U.S. Armed Forces for 20+ years, Ken is a highly decorated military commander who was awarded 3 Bronze stars and the Soldier’s Medal, the highest peacetime award.

“N3 has experienced tremendous growth each year, due in part to the dedication of our employees to driving real revenue results for our clients,” said Laue. “As we continue to expand our client roster globally, we look to strategically open new locations that offer value for both our clients and our employees. West Virginia offers just that, and N3 will work diligently to positively impact the community at the state and local level through job creation and community service.”

Founded in 2004, N3 delivers more than $1.2 billion in annual new and consumption Cloud revenue each year. In addition, the company helps organizations across industries as they adapt to the ever-changing buyer’s marketplace.

N3 works with clients across all stages in the sales cycle including opportunity seeking, nurturing, closing, enablement, utilization, and expansion. Leveraging a scalable, technology enabled sales framework, N3 accelerates adoption by converting digital interest into long-term consumption through a customer-centric, solution-based approach.

The new office is located at West Virginia Regional Technology Park in Charleston, West Virginia. The company is planning for offices spanning 28,000 square feet over the next several years.

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