Leveraging AI to Drive Long-Term Customer Revenue

Within the next year, customer experience is expected to surpass price and product as the key brand differentiator. One statistic after another shows us that customers pay more for a better customer experience and that businesses that provide it drive higher revenue than those that don’t. 

As a brand leader known for being “customer obsessed”, Cisco was determined to set the market agenda for transforming customer data and interactions into revenue-driving Customer Experiences and long-term relationships. 

Learn how Cisco partnered with N3 to apply AI and machine learning to: 

  • Arm sales agents with real-time customer information 
  • Surface next-best actions 
  • Capture Voice of the Customer business intelligence continuously and serve it up to sales and marketing through one dashboard 

The result: an extraordinary customer experience that drives value for both the customer and Cisco. 

Michael Hopfinger, Cisco Director Americas Segment, Architecture + Partner Marketing; Pascal Lendermann, Cisco Director Global Marketing; and Shannon Copeland, N3 Chief Operating Officer share the innovative approach that’s keeping customers coming back to Cisco daily.


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