Transforming Microsoft Customer Success: How a Focus on Net Retention Rate Drove Better Customer Relationships

When Microsoft launched an initiative to reduce customer churn, they uncovered the keys to driving additional customer revenue through Customer Success. The result was a significant increase in NRR (the total value of renewed contracts plus the revenue gained through upsells and cross-sells), well above the industry benchmark of 96%.

Join David Runsvold, Microsoft Director CSM Management, and learn how Microsoft transformed their Customer Success practice from a cost center to a revenue driver. By focusing on the right customer relationships, Microsoft:

  • Increased NRR
  • Expanded product usage
  • Drove cross-sell + upsell revenue
  • Reduced churn, and
  • Developed brand advocates

Speakers: David Runsvold, Microsoft Director CSM Management, and Marcel Florez, N3 President

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