Video Library: Virtual Sales Fundamentals

Learn tips and best practices to help your sales team thrive in virtual sales environments. You'll also find downloadable templates with each video to help you grow your virtual sales skills.

Create a Daily Sales Plan

Learn how to incorporate tactical planning into your virtual sales strategy. Download the daily sales plan template.

Conduct Daily Team Briefs

Learn why daily sales team briefs can elevate your entire team. Download the daily team standup template.

Establish a Touch Cadence

Learn how leveraging a tactical touch cadence can help you break through the noise and get noticed in your buyers’ inboxes. Download the sample touch cadence template.

Build Your Execution Rhythm

Learn how to plan, brief, execute, and debrief your sales activities each day. Download the execution rhythm template.

Reflect On Each Day with a Daily Debrief

Learn why it’s important for sales teams to set aside time each day for a daily debrief. Download the daily debrief template.